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Gentle Reader:

As a messenger owl, I have played a small but significant part in the history of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although I am now enjoying the life of a Messenger Owl Emerita I feel there is still one more message for me to deliver — the story of my participation in the stirring events surrounding the Battle for Hogwarts.

Though history often remembers battles by those who carry swords or wands, in the Wizard World a battle occurs in many dimensions. I once fought and was wounded while carrying a message and I thereafter continued my service, keeping the magical messaging conduits open.

My friends in Hufflepuff have read to me the excellent chronicles J. K. Rowling has written concerning my and Harry Potter's adventures during my earlier years at Hogwarts. Ms. Rowling has done an outstanding job of recording the events of those thrilling times, but there are a few misapprehensions which crept in due to her apparent incomplete knowledge of all that occurred. My young friends have graciously assisted me in recording and preserving the actual facts.


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