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The trip, which I managed in short stages over a six day period, was uneventful. However I was considerably disconcerted upon my arrival to find Hagrid's cabin deserted.5 I waited all night, but he did not return.

I had no way of knowing what had transpired at Hogwarts in the past few months and felt that inquiring of my colleagues in the Owlery might not be prudent. I was feeling my injuries, hungry and exhausted from my journey and I must admit that I felt a little discouraged.

While I was considering my best course of action I heard someone approaching and, to my immense relief, recognized Professor Grubbly-Plank, who was, as I later learned, taking a calming late afternoon walk in the grounds to get away from the stressful environment at Hogwarts.

I hooted softly from my perch in a Scots Pine 6 to catch her attention and flew down to a lower branch where she could see me clearly. She looked rather shocked at my condition, but quickly made a motion admonishing me to silence, moved under the branches of the tree and held out her hand to me. As she had been very good to me when I was wounded in my earlier encounter with the enemy, I felt no hesitation in allowing her to hide me under her robe and smuggle me into the Magical Creatures Laboratory.

Although most of the Magical Creatures classes were taught out of doors, the laboratory was occasionally used for classes on days when the weather was inclement. It also served as a work space for preparation and storage of special diets and housing for representatives of some of the smaller creatures such as Nifflers and Bowtruckles.

I was as comfortable there as I had been on my earlier convalescence and my injuries quickly healed under Professor Grubbly-Plank's expert ministrations of burn-healing paste 7, bruise-healing paste 8 and Murtlap Essence.9 However she felt that it was not prudent for me to remain at the school longer than absolutely necessary. Therefore, she sent an owl to Hagrid appointing a place of assignation where I could be transferred to his protective care.